I have already gained much experience before graduation. On the recommendation of a friend and after a lot of trial and error with Ubuntu I first used Linux Mint as my productive operating system on my laptop and Windows quickly became irrelevant for me. At the beginning of my studies, I replaced my Windows & Linux laptop with a MacBook Pro, so at least I’m still working in an UNIX environment. Fortunately, my university faculty only uses Linux distributions for student computers, which is the reason why I goy my working student job. The Linux Deployment team focusses on administrating the automation of student, lab, and employee computers. This requires knowledge of Linux, Bash, Puppet and Foreman.

Furthermore, I got in touch with Linux configuration management during my internship, where RedHat and Suse operating systems were used.

Since I have always experimented with RaspberryPi single-board computers, I am particularly used to the Debian command line. Most of the time I realize IoT and automation projects.