Hi, I'm Phi.

I’m a programmer and studying Electrical Engineering.



My name is Philipp van Kempen, I’m 23 years old and living in Munich, Germany. I would like to use this page to introduce myself, my opinion and my projects to you. There is much stuff I am interested in.

Already when I was a young teenager, I started learning programming and web develeopment by myself. Computers and the internet always have been the center of my life beside friendships and music. My interest in electronics came up after I bought an very old but awesome hifi stereo system , which was unfortunately broken. I spend much time understanding, repairing and reconditioning everything until everything worked fine and loved it, so later I was able to repair other amplifiers, tuners, record players and monitors by myself.

I decided to go to an school (Berufskolleg Beckum, NRW), where I could graduate my a-level in the subjects mathematics and infomation technology in parallel to a training as an information technology assistant. I was able to deepen both of my passions there and beside earning lots of experiencens in topics like server operating systems, networks and object oriented programming, I was introduced in microcontrollers. After I realized many of my project with Raspberry Pi’s before, I was then able to do even more… Most of my project focused on optimizing my workflows and my home. For example home automation, ambient lighting, music streaming, data logging, alarm systems and so on.

As I am playing the guitar since a long long time, music is very important to me. I have been a band member in small local bands and gained some experiences on, in front and behind the stage as musican and technican (light and sound). To balance my life a little bit I go to rock concerts regularly, especially ones by ‘Billy Talent’, my absolute favourite!

As computers have been a big topic for my in the past, I would say video games, especially indie games are also still very important to me. As I have taken part at some game-jams in the past game development and design (pixelart) are nothing new for me, but not my passion.

Since October 2017 I am studying ‘Electrical and Computer Engineering’ @ TU Munich (TUM) which was a great choice because it combines both Computer Technology and Electronics with much possibilities open for the future development of the IT industry.

If you are more interested in my work experience (internships), IT skills,.. please check out my LinkedIn

Thank you for reading and visitig mit page. I hope you can find everything you want to know, but feel free to contact me (information at the bottom of this page)…


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